7060H Fluid Video Head – Black – E-Image

7060H Fluid Video Head – Black – E-Image

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E-IMAGE fluid video heads are newly designed for photography professionals and video-taking enthusiasts in 2008, which include 4 Series: 706H, 708H, 710H and 711H. A special feature is the newly developed Mic-adjusting damping and counterbalance system, which provides a maximum of 0-7 positions fluid drag in pan & tilt and 0-8 positions counterbalance, equipped with the pan & tilt locks and the dials, the system will ensure a perfect dynamic balance and eliminate any change for your shots.

-Fluid head with bowl size 75mm.
-Sliding plate with insurance knob.
-Adjustable handle.
-Plate with both 1 /4″and 3/8″screws.

Incorporating 0-3 positions damping in pan & tilt and 0-2 positions counterbalance adjustment, 706H Series is suitable for documentary and studio photography, which are equipped with DV cameras. Featuring the outstanding 0-3 positions damping system, 706H Series insure the convenient operation and random adjustment. Double handlebars are available.

Weight: 1.7kg
Payload: 3-8kg
Counterbalance Payload: 6kg
Tilt Range: +90o/-45o
Counterbalance: 0-2
Temperature Range: -30o/60o
Bowl Size: 75mm